General introduction to the work

Primarily this training technique for actresses and  actors lays stress on all organic and psychic aspects in order to bring awareness to the functions igniting the array of our expressive nature, as well as other factors blocking it.

Gradually and after the understanding of these specific functions we open the way to more conceptual aspects of narrative and style. As this becomes clearer and is taken in, we can turn to the boundless sphere of creating, adjacent to a variety of tools the actress and actor can rely on according to their own peculiarities.

Enough practice will constitute the acquisition of a fluid, precise and effective technique, which as long as it is nourished, will lead into the priceless possibility that years of work and training should develop as an insight to an implicit self-knowledge. In other words, to patiently and in all awareness acquire a skill that should then be interwoven into the depths of our unconscious.

Creation is an unconscious process.

It is these hard earned technical procedures that will assist us throughout. A mastered skill that, after a brief prior disposition, becomes activated as the actress or actor hesitantly awaits his or her eminent hour upon the stage.